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I really like procedural content generation. Like - a lot.

I am constantly collecting and bookmarking everything PCG related I can find, be it blog entries, videos, talks or scientific papers. Previously I provided the world with these resources on my old portfolio website, firespark.de. But this was just a plain static page, a list of links, no filter or search options. It also had content about many topics and was not specifically dedicated to procedural content generation.

After growing this resource list for half a decade, I felt like this had to change, and so procgen.space was born.

About Me

I'm a programmer and procedural generation enthusiast from Munich.

I love to create things by hand as well as digitally. When I'm creating something my biggest concern is to get results that look and feel good, that fit into the setting they were made for. What I don't like is repetitive work, so whenever I get the chance of writing an algorithm to do that work, I won't miss it. And so I developed a love for creating things that create things, better known as Procedural Content Generation.

Since roughly a decade now, I advanced my knowledge in this area, wrote my bachelor and master thesis about procedural content generation and held lectures at the Technical University of Munich about it.

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Theobald Beyer

Software Engineer


December 2017

Master in Games Engineering at TUM

March 2018

joined Aesir Interactive

May 2021

joined in-tech